It's A Mess: Chemo Round 1

😶Rise and shine puppies -- 6:30 am 2D echogram! I got to look at my heart on the ultrasound machine, and let me tell you -- it was a pretty cute heart, perfectly healthy too. After all of these tests I get, they're like, OMG everything looks so healthy!!! but then they do my MRI and they're like, yikes. 

At 8:30am, I checked into my ~penthouse suite~ with a view of Lake Michigan. Look at this picture, and tell me I'm not at a five-star hotel.

It may look like a five-star hotel, but it's still a hospital, and I'm still getting chemo.

I started chemo at 3:30pm, and here's pretty much all I have to say -- holy shit. 

That basically gets my point across, but I'll give you more of a description so you can really get a feel for it. The chemo starts flowing through the IV and into your body, and you pretty much feel no difference. It doesn't burn, sting, or hurt like I thought it would. But then, the nurses give you Lasix -- a drug that makes you have to pee every five minutes. It's to protect your bladder from an infection caused by chemo sitting in your bladder. 

My body does not react well to Lasixs. I was light headed, dizzy, and uncomfortable. This medicine was worse than the chemo (although I'm sure I'll change my mind in a day or two). I already hate getting up to pee, so this was pretty much my worst nightmare. 

By 6:00pm, my whole family came to hangout with me in my room, and I was feeling great. I had  energy from the steroids that got pumped into me in the afternoon, and I even had enough energy to make Tik Toks with Mazzy and take a few selfies. 

My sister and dad left around 9:00pm, and that's when the chemo really hit me (the Ativan didn't help). 

I decided to take a shower, but as soon as I got in there, I realized I was not strong enough to keep my arms up to wash my own hair. I had to swallow my pride and call my mom into the bathroom to wash my hair. It filled my with a sense of sadness. Reality really hit for me right then; I'm sick, like really sick. 

It also filled me with a sense of gratitude. I know my whole family would do anything to a make me feel at least a little better. There's always light. 

By the time I was out of the shower, I was drunk on Ativan and literally falling asleep talking to my mother. I probably passed out mid conversation. If you're wondering what we were talking about, you'd have to ask my mom because I couldn't even tell you. 

I was woken up at 4:30am to have my blood drawn, again at 6:00 to get my vitals, and finally at 7:30am for, you guessed it, more Lasix. 

Chemo leaves a horrible taste in your mouth, so hospital food breakfast really wasn't the first thing on my mind. Chemo also makes your body feel incredible hot. Basically imagine being in a desert and your mouth tastes like metal. Also, your body feels extremely bloated, and you can't move. And people keep coming in every hour to poke at your body. All in all, I'd give chemo a 2/10. Don't recommend. 

Don't worry, the next time I get chemo, it'll be five days in a row 😶 July 17 here I come. 

I finally got discharged at 1:30pm. I'm ready to sleep for 12 days. 

Look out for next week -- I'll give you a hint  ✄


  1. Dearest Ivy. Dodo would be so proud of you. You have her strength, courage, faith and spirit - such a blessing - plus your wonderful family for which we can give Dodo at least partial credit. :) I don't know if you remember that I was in Chicago for Jodi's first chemo treatments. I remember sitting with her while the stuff was going into her sweet body and we just chatted away. I just wanted to be there with her and comfort her. (Oh, how I miss her!!!) And I wish I could do something to make it all better for you. I do know I can pray to our Heavenly Father who loves you and will be with you for this unique journey. So know lots of prayers are coming your way.
    Much love to you,
    Aunt Susie.

  2. Ivy, you've always been a soldier. You always have amazed me by your strength. You've got this girl!!! Love you so much and thanks for sharing your story with us. Lots of love and prayers ❤️ Keep inspiring me and showing me what a real badass looks like �� xoxo Tiara


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