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It's a mess: progress is progress

It's spooky season, everyone!!! You know what the spookiest thing is right now? The length of time it's taken me to write a new blog post. Scary!!! It just gave me the chills. I've just been really busy hanging out with my new, spooky friends. Saturdays are for the bros I know that I have yet to document the end of my hospital journey. Honestly, I just don't really want to think about it right now. I'm sure I'll revisit it, but today is not the day. Instead, let's talk about life AFTER the hospital. My new friends may be dead, but I am most certainly not! To make a long story short -- I'm TIRED, but we all know I love to keep long stories long and make short stories long. Now that I'm thinking about my first couple weeks out of the hospital I'm like, "Oh it wasn't that bad!" but actually my family just reminded me that I literally couldn't go to the store for more than five minutes, I did not leave my bed, and I was t

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